Ultraprobe 15000

Ultraprobe 15000
Ultraprobe 15000 Ultraprobe 15000 Ultraprobe 15000 Ultraprobe 15000
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Get in touch with the future of ultrasonic condition monitoring

Get in touch with your plant
What would the future be like if equipment was tested so effectively, so safely, so intuitively that catastrophic failure and energy waste became terms of the past? Using knowledge based on three decades of experience, the engineers at UE Systems have developed an entire ultrasonic condition monitoring laboratory – to fit in the palm of your hand.

The future has arrived: Experience the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch
• Touch Screen Technology
• Analyze Conditions with On-Board Spectral Analyzer
• Plan/Review Routes On-Board
• Take Temperature with an Infrared Thermometer
• Photograph Test Points with On-Board Camera
• Multiple Data Screens: dBl Temperature/ Spectral Analysis
• Review Alarm Groups & Generate Reports
• Store Data, Sounds, and Images
• Review Historical Record Data
• Pinpoint Locations with Laser Pointer
• Adjust emissitivty
• Use for ALL Plant Applications

All via touch screen technology with easily recognizable icons
The minute you hold this remarkable digital inspection system in your hand, you will realize you are in for something truly special. Take a tour of each touch screen feature and find out why the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch is the most electrifying inspection device available.

Place all of Your Inspection Needs in the Palm of Your Hand!
If you have not yet experienced UE Systems’ pistol-grip digital ultrasonic detection instruments, you haven’t truly experienced turnkey route inspection. UE Systems ergonomically enhanced hardware will get you  through your routes more quickly and effectively. Anything is possible with the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch inspection instrument. It’s light, easy to control, simple to use,and extremely accurate. Plus, all  your analytical tools from data, images, temperature and sound analysis neatly fit in the compact housing.

Hardware features include:
1. Instrument trigger 5 Headphone jack
2. Battery pack 6 Infrared thermometer
3. SD Card slot 7 Laser pointer
4. On/Off button 8 Camera with flash

Touch screen technology
1.The following icons are available on the display
2.Spectral Analysis
3.Historical Records
4.Temperature & dB
6.View Image and Take Photo
7.dB Display
8.Input Additional Test Data
9.Setup for Instrument Functions
10.View Uploaded Route
11.Store Test Data
12.Temperature Display (w/out dB)
13.Valves Test Display
14.Emissivity Adjustments

The Future of Ultrasonic Inspection is One Touch Away

Truly an ultrasonic condition monitoring laboratory that fits in the palm of your hand, the Ultraprobe® 15,000. Touch is so sophisticated and so advanced, it’s simple.The centerpiece of the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch is its touch screen technology. A true “full-service inspection system”, you will be amazed at how many different ways you can use it, as well as how many different applications it can be used for. Touch an icon and the world of ultrasonic inspection opens for you.

Some touch screen examples include:
Main Screen
• Decibels
• Frequency
• Record Number
• Sensitivity Levels
• Application Touch the display to change sensitivity, frequency, or view an icon Temperature & dB
• View dB
• View intensity fluctuations on an indicator bar
• View temperature (C or F)
• Adjust emissivity for temperature accuracy
• Record data
• Download data and temperature to computer Camera

Spectral Analysis Display
Three views including:
• FFT & Time Series
• Time Series

View/analyze sound samples on board, save sound, and even the image of the sound.
Adjust the sample rate.
All records are stored automatically on the SD card (after test is complete, you can conveniently remove the card from the instrument and load it into UE Systems data management software: Ultratrend DMS).

Temperature & dB
• View dB
• View intensity fluctuations on an indicator bar
• View temperature (C or F)
• Adjust emissivity for temperature accuracy
• Record data
• Download data and temperature to computer

Camera Display
• Take a photo
• Zoom feature to capture a test point close up
• Built in flash, which you can turn on or off
• Store image data
• Test data embedded into image for report enhancement

Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch
The Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch is the ultimate inspection system. Used for almost any plant application, the system will measure, analyze and collect all data using simple touch screen technology during your route inspection. You have never experienced a system so robust, that it’s simple. Specific applications where the Touch is currently utilized are as follows:

On Board Analysis of Mechanical Inspection/Trending

  • Bearing/Conditions
  • Rubbing Conditions
  • Cavitation
  • Gears/Gear Boxes
  • Pumps/Motors
  • Lack of Lubrication/Over Lubrication

On-Board Analysis of Electrical Inspection
For detection and analysis of these failure modes:
• Arcing
• Tracking
• Corona
For use in these applications:
• Switch gear
• Transformers
• Insulators
• Relays
• Bus Bars

On Board Analysis of Leak Detection/Energy Conservation

  • Valves
  • Steam Traps
  • Compressed Air
  • Compressed Gases (O2, NO, etc.)

So sophisticated, it’s easy!

You will be amazed at how quickly you improve your inspection capability – helping to increase your asset availability throughout your plant while reducing energy waste. Plus, the reports you’ll generate will help management understand how important your ultrasonic condition monitoring program is to improving your company’s profitability.
At last, you can test the way you want to test with all the features you need for accurate results. Now you can truly read the future and actually report it with the Ultraprobe® 15,000 Touch.


Ultraprobe Specifications
Circuitry Solid State Analog and SMD Digital Circuitry with temperature compensation and true RMS conversion
Construction Hand-held pistol type made with coated aluminum and ABS plastic
Frequency Range 20 kHz to 100 kHz (tunable in 1 kHz increments)
Response Time <10ms
Display QVGA Touch Screen - IR, Laser Pointer, Camera, Spectrum Analyzer
Memory 400 storage locations
Battery Lithium ION Rechargeable
Operating Temperature 0 °C to 50 °C (32 °F to 122 °F)
Outputs Calibrated heterodyned output, decibel (dB) frequency, SD card
Probes Trisonic Scanning Module and Stethoscope Module, Long Range Module and RAS-MT
Headset Deluxe noise attenuating headphones – for hard hat use
Indicators dB, Frequency, Battery Status and 16 Segment Bar Graph
Sensitivity Detects .127 mm (.005”) diameter leak @ .34 bar (5 psi) at a distance of 15.24 m (50 ft.)
Threshold 1 x 10–2 std. cc/sec to 1 x 10 –3 std. cc/sec
Dimensions Complete kit in Zero Halliburton aluminum carrying case 55 x 47 x 20 cm (21.5” x 18.5” x 8”)
Weight Pistol Unit: 1.1 kg (2.35 lbs.)
Display Modes dB (main), IR, ABCD, Spectrum and Application Specific, Spectrum Analyzer (modes): Spectrum, Time Series & Dual Specific
Sound Recording WAV File Format
IR Temperature -20 °C to 500 °C
Camera 2.0 Mega Pixel
Laser Pointer All but Europe Output <5mW – Wavelength 640nm – Class IIIa Laser Product
Complete carrying case 8.6 kg (19 lbs.)
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