Ultraprobe 10000

Ultraprobe 10000
Ultraprobe 10000 Ultraprobe 10000 Ultraprobe 10000 Ultraprobe 10000
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The ultimate digital ultrasonic inspection system for condition monitoring with advanced software packages.

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 is the world’s most advanced ultrasonic inspection system! This innovative instrument is jam-packed with so many beneficial features it will make your inspection efficient and easy!

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 enables you to:
• Inspect
• Perform Condition Analysis
• Record and Analyze Sound Samples
• Store and Test Data
• Review Inspection Results
• Manage your Test Data…

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 features onboard Sound Recording with a push of a button. You’ll record a sound sample directly into the instrument and link it to one of 400 record files stored in the Ultraprobe! The Ultraprobe® 10,000 simplifies sound recording with user-friendly Spin and ClickTM technology. Test the way you want with:
• Specialized Application Screens
• Adjustable On/Off Features
• Connection to External Devices
• Flexible Reporting Options

Something for everybody. What do you want to test?

Whatever it may be the Ultraprobe® 10,000 has application-specific software for you. With the click of a button, you can select an application with specialized fields for accurate reporting and analysis. 

Select any of 6 applications:

Generic, Leaks, Valves, Bearings, Electrical or Steam and the Ultraprobe® 10,000 automatically sets relevant fields for your data logging convenience – and all stored data is easily downloaded to the Ultratrend™ DMS software. 

Expand your inspections.

In addition to on-board data logging, the Ultraprobe® 10,000 accepts and stores data from external devices such as thermometers and tachometers.

Additional Software for Accurate Records and Reports

The Ultraprobe® 10,000 System includes both Ultratrend DMS™ and UE Spectralyzer™ software to help you organize and analyze all of your inspection needs. 

ULTRATREND DMS – Data Management System 

A comprehensive record storage, data manage ent and data analysis program, the Ultratrend DMS™ allows you to: 

• Have multiple views for reviewing data.

• Have a history table and trend chart to review any changes to any of the relevant test fields, such as decibel, frequency, test results, temperature or rpm.

• View data on a trend chart embedded in the program or easily export the file to MS Excel. 

Have flexibility as never before! With compact flash technology we offer you additional capabilities to help you:
• Upload
• Download
• Saving wave files
• Future upgrades

An invaluable built-in failsafe feature saves your information onto compact flashcards. Now you can record, store and save wave files in case of power loss or unlikely crash. You’ll be amazed! While you’re viewing  he sound images, you’ll be hearing the sound as it’s being played in real time to enhance your analysis. You won’t find this exceptional feature anywhere else.

Spectral Analysis Software
The UE Spectralyzer™ is a spectral analysis software, which converts your PC into a fully functioning FFT analyzer. It provides both spectra and time series views of your recorded sounds. With this software, sound images are easily produced for reporting. You can even attach each sound sample to a file or include an image of the spectra in your report.

AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3!
With onboard sound recording, just Spin and Click. That’s all you’ll need to do to record a sound sample with the Ultraprobe® 10,000. You can play your recorded sounds back in real time. All sounds are stored on a Compact Flashcard for easy downloading to your computer.

Consider the possibilities with the Ultraprobe® 10,000:
Once you’ve used this instrument, you’ll want no other!
The Ultraprobe® 10,000 assists your Reporting, Analyzing and Record keeping. For example, you can:
• Trend a group of bearings over time
• Trend one bearing over time
• Analyze steam trap history and costs
• Analyze leak costs
• Note patterns in electrical failure
• Record valve sounds
• Analyze mechanical sounds...

Typical Ultraprobe Applications Data Based Mechanical Inspection/Trending
• Bearing Condition
• Rubbing Conditions
• Cavitation
• Gears/Gear Boxes
• Pumps/Motors
• Lack of Lubrication

Data Based Leak Detection/Energy Audits
• Compressed Air
• Compressed Gases (O2, NO, etc.)
• Vacuum Leaks
• Seals and Gaskets
• Condenser Tubes
• Hatches
• Boilers
• Heat Exchangers
• Valves
• Steam Traps

Data Based Electrical Inspection
• Arcing
• Tracking
• Corona
• Switchgear
• Transformers
• Insulators
• Relays
• Bus Bars

Ultraprobe Specifications
Circuitry Solid State Analog and SMD Digital Circuitry with temperaturecompensation and true RMS conversion
Construction Hand-held pistol type made with coated aluminum and ABS plastic
Frequency Range 20 KHz to 100 KHz (tunable in 1 KHz increments)
Response Time < 10 ms
Display 64x128 LCD with LED Backlight
Memory 400 storage locations
Battery Lithium NIMH Rechargeable
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)
Outputs Calibrated heterodyned output, decibel (dB) frequency, RS-232 data output
Probes Trisonic Scanning Module and Stethoscope Module, Long Range Module and RAS/RAM
Headset Deluxe noise attenuating headphones For hard hat use
Indicators dB, Frequency, Battery Status and 16 Segment Bar Graph
Sensitivity Detects 0.127 mm (0.005”) diameter leak @ 0.34 bar (5 psi) at a distance of 15.24 m (50 ft.)
Threshold 1 x 10–2 std. cc/sec to 1 x 10–3 std. cc/sec.
Dimensions Complete kit in Zero Halliburton aluminum carrying case 55 x 47 x 20 cm (21.5” x 18.5” x 8”)
Weight Pistol Unit: 1.1 kg (2.35 lbs.)
Display Modes Real Time, Snap Shot, Peak Hold, Storage Display and Application Specific
Complete carrying case 8.6 kg (19 lbs)
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